Daedalus Tool Suite
Developer / Maintainer
The Daedalus Tool Suite is comprised of three separate npm packages. One ( ) is the base for the entire tool suite and provides server-side function calls that wrap Valve's Web API for DOTA 2. Another package ( ) is a deployable Express.js server that can be used as a standalone proxy server to Valve's API, or a base for a back-end that plans to use the tool suite. The last package ( ) is essentially the client-side version of Crystalys meant to communicate with Daedalus.
This tool suite is under the MIT license, and are all hosted on Github.
MyUWO Portal
Full Stack Developer
The is a portal site for both students and staff at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I have made a multitude of web applications for the MyUWO Portal. One project has different sections for different departments (IT, Residence Life, Reeve Student Union) which allow them all to set up online applications for jobs in their respective departments.
Another project that is currently in development allows for the resident advisors and resident hall directors to set up "programs" for floor meetings, cultural events, etc. This application was written in Angular 1, and has pushed the user experience to be more pleasing to look at, and more friendly to use than other programs in the MyUWO Portal.
Unfortunately, these applications can't be viewed by the public as a student or staff account is required to access the website.
UI Rebrand Project
Software Developer
Contributed to the rebranding effort of a large healthcare provider. Worked across a multitude of legacy code bases. Supported a team of junior developers as the first line of escalation with technical help or issues. Used CSS, Less, and Sass, and JS where necessary. Brought legacy sites into branding compliance with minimal impact to the pre-existing layouts of the sites.
Admin Dashboard
Front End Developer
Helped healthcare provider create an admin dashboard to help manage internal data. Created using a proprietary React component library. Implemented stories to spec using React, Redux, Redux-Saga, and Redux-Form. Help estimate stories, as well as provide input on architecture and future issues that may arise.